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To all hurting parents and families, would like to help you get your story heard.  You will discover that you are not alone.  Silence allows abuse to continue in secrecy.  Break the silence!  Stand up for you and your family!  Tell your story.  Send your story or a link to your website to!    Tell the truth and quit hiding their dirty little secret!

Missouri Members in AFRA with stories of their own.  

DFS Kidnapped My Grandchildren!

Adoption Parent Speaks Up!

Cynthia Bitten bender's 

Susan Talks

Sandy Indicted

Heather Eley, Age 15

A Mother Speaks

Joshua McDowell

Randall J. Cali

If you are someone who has never experienced this...YET...please read the pain and the suffering that these people experience while they are being abused by the government.  You know, in the "slave-days," the government justified the mal-treatment of African Americans under the premise that it was for "our children."  Or it was for the "future of the United States.  Or because "it is the law!."  Did it make slavery right?  Now for the same EXCUSES, adults are being victimized by the same institution.


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