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The Child Abuse Industry is not a race thing.  The only color in this thing is the color GREEN.

Abandoned baby bill signed

In the SHOW ME state you can now LEGALLY abandon your baby?  Why?  Because if you abandon your baby as opposed to adopting your baby, then the state does not have to go through as many hoops to collect the bonus money from the United States.  Children are big business for government.

Published Wednesday, July 3, 2002  

DFS Welfare to Work program garners the State of Missouri a 10 MILLION Dollar bonus in 07/02.  Where did the money go?  If you answered "needy families," think again.  Click here




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IMPORTANT:  Either the media lies or Governor Holden lies!  It is written that DFS will become two separate departments as a result of Dominic James' death.  The TRUTH is that DFS was already planning on splitting BEFORE little Dominic died.  In essence, Holden took an already existing plan and tried to short change Missouri families by pretending that this plan was a SOLUTION following the death of Dominic.  IT WAS ALREADY PLANNED TO HAPPEN BEFORE HE DIED!!!!! Governor Holden Shakes Up DFS After Child Dies in Foster Care   I knew about it after visiting a DFS department in June of 2002.  So imagine what I thought when I read this in the paper.

(photo courtesy of www.familiesatrisk.com  09/02 in Jefferson County)

Innocence is robbed not by sexual abusers...but by the state agencies who falsely accuse parents of child abuse.  If you are HOTLINED, your name is automatically placed on the Child Abuse Registry, even if you are proved to be INNOCENT, Not Substantiated, Unfounded, Unindicated, or whatever the catch phrase for your state.

The sad part about it is that I interviewed several attorneys in Columbia regarding the Child Abuse Laws.  The universal comment was "you need to talk to the legislatures and work on changing the laws."

The problem with creating more laws is this...as a parent, I have watched the news about children kidnapped or raped.  I, like any other parent, does not want that to happen to my child.  So we as parents say "Sure Mr. Legislator, create more laws!  Protect our kids."  And we give away our power and authority.  So what happens?  Laws are created but the real criminals go deeper underground and parents are now child abusers.  

911 is a great service.  But when the agency's and the schools promote 911 to children at a very early age, they set parents up for failure.  As a child, I was told to remember my HOME PHONE NUMBER in case I was in an emergency. But today, they teach our children to learn 911.  When our preschool children go to the phone and dial the only number they KNOW, then the authorities assume that parents are beating their children.  Did you know you could get into a lot of trouble for a child who dials 911?  It can happen.

YES, ABUSE does happen.  But according to the MO Department of Social Services 2000 report, the majority of calls placed were not determined to be "probable cause."

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