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Dominic James--DFS Had Care, Custody and Control of Dominic--the Ultimate Form of Child Abuse at the Hands of Division of Family Services


Dominic James, age 2


Shattered Bonds:  the Color of Child Welfare

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Sidney JamesSidney James/Dominic James                               What do you say to a man who's child was killed?  

DFS what can you say?  You took this man's ONLY SON away from him....FOREVER!!! And because their is NO ACCOUNTABILITY for DFS workers, the blame is placed on only the Foster Care father and the nurse.  And then I hear that someone is trying to blame Sidney for his child's death.  "Well Sidney, if you hadn't been talking to the police asking for help, then they would not have taken your son."  DO WHAT????  But this child was in the care of DFS. It is YOU who say that child abuse occurs when the 3-C's are in place:  CARE, CUSTODY, and CONTROL of the child.  DFS had care, custody and control of this child.  They knowingly allowed this child to be KILLED!  And I hear that the judge overseeing the trial of the foster care father is none other than Governor Holden's brother.  Does this look WHACKED to anyone besides me?  

Sidney is a man of intelligence, well spoken, soft spoken and very patient.  HIS SON IS DEAD!  I don't even know if I could handle myself as well as him.  When this boy died, Missouri had to respond.  So they held the first meeting in Greene County, probably not expecting anyone to show up.  But HUNDREDS of people turned out.  So the state had to respond.  But unfortunately, they responded with a plan that was already in the implementation process.  

Removing children from people that love them is modern day slavery.  Think of those black men who were enslaved, watching their children being sold off into slavery and could not do anything about it.  If they did do something about it, then they could risk being hurt or killed and then told "it was your fault that you lost a leg."  Sidney, like many parents, suffers from the same shackles that bound his forefathers.  But the difference, oh yes, the difference is that he has a SISTA in his corner and she plans on defending the family structure.

The foster father is out on $35,000 bond.  And the trial has been pushed back to November, 2003.  How can this man be out on bond?  Would I have gotten the same bond?  If this child was not black, would the bond have been higher or not available? What if this had been Jon Benet instead of Dominic?

Report of the Investigation of the Child Welfare System, Greene County

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