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Child Abuse & Neglect in MO Annual Report 2000  The above report shows that in the year 2000, there were 58,000 calls made to the Hotline affecting nearly 80,000 children in Missouri.  6,000 reports of child abuse were determined as probably cause.  Keep in mind that DFS finds probable cause in 30 days so if you are someone with little resources then you have a greater chance of being listed among the 6,000.  The rest of those calls meant that parents and children probably did not need DFS in their lives.  And even those calls which resulted in "no abuse found" or "parent refused services" are determined as UNCOOPERATIVE.  Imagine being totally innocent of abuse charges and having UNCOOPERATIVE show up somewhere.  What do you think someone reading that will think about you?

High Performance Bonus to Get Poor People Off WelfareMissouri Receives $10,000,000 but the money doesn't go to further develop programs for needy families.  In July, 2002, the Department of Social Services met their goals in getting people off of welfare Welfare-to-Work) program or TANF.  This summer was the first year that the 5 year maximum of receiving that $234.00 a month check came into affect.  Well, Missouri met their goals and received a HUGE bonus of 10 million dollars.  I met with a social worker and asked her where that money goes.  She shrugged her shoulders and said that she didn't know, but she knew it didn't go to DSS or DFS or to the needy families that it serves.  She said that the $10 million dollars would go to the coffers of the state of Missouri and would be distributed elsewhere.  So in other words, the state of Missouri (and it's not alone) receives money off the backs of poor families.  Federal Legislation Regarding This Incentive Program sponsored by the US Department of Health and Senior Services

Report of the Investigation of the Child Welfare System, Greene County

MO Dept. of Social Services Annual Data Report in 2000

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