In Memory of Brother Leonard Gakinya.  A native from Kenya residing in Springfield, Missouri levitating on October 2, 2002 to rest easy with the ancestors.  Age 27.
Springfield, MO's 1906 Easter Offering
Imagine being one of three black men in a Springfield, Missouri jail.  A mob of nearly 7,000 angry whites demand your release.  The police hand you over and you are alone to march a mile to the downtown square.  Angry whites throwing things, calling you names, beating you....  Finally, you are hung on a radio tower and left to die while the hungry mob feeds on your blood...all the while, you are INNOCENT!

Two of the black men were in jail for the charge of rape, one other black man was in jail on a separate charge.  But the police handed all three over to the mob.

Read African Americans in historical southwest Missouri  for additional support regarding the lynching of these brothas.


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Springfield, Mo's 1906 Easter Offering

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March 1886-April 1906

Information on photo:  "At the center of the Square on Easter weekend 1906, three innocent men:  Will Allen, Fred Coker and Horace Duncan were lynched, burned and dismembered, leading to the exodus of many black residents from Springfield.  Photo donated in honor of Fern and Ralph Hedric and Laura Gregg Stewart and all people who teach tolerance."

The photograph above is that of Horace Duncan.  It was taken on his twentieth birthday in March of 1906 about a month before his death at the hands of a lynch mob numbering approximately seven thousand.  Mr. Duncan was one of three victims.  They were found innocent by a grand jury who also found the Springfield, Missouri police department to be culpably negligent at the time of "The Easter Offering."


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