In Memory of Brother Leonard Gakinya.  A native from Kenya residing in Springfield, Missouri levitating on October 2, 2002 to rest easy with the ancestors.  Age 27.
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Mr. Ashcroft,

I just wanted to tell you that I truly appreciate your honesty.  I mean, at least African Americans know what they are dealing with.  A Black man's life is not valuable.  Gakinya was just one less Black man in the world.

I visited Springfield on the same day that you were in Springfield speaking on Terrorism nearly one week following the hanging of Leonard Gakinya.  I, too, am a native of Springfield.  I am highly disappointed that you and then, George Bush, rolled through Springfield without addressing the obvious terrorism that took place.

You know what?  It's clear to me that this so-called LAW is not truly law.  A man was murdered but because he has black skin, spoke with a foreign accent, had nappy hair, was originally born in Kenya, etc., his life does not seem to be of value.  

Mr. Ashcroft please tell the officials to quit playing on people's intelligence.  You know it's murder and if you haven't seen the pictures, then you owe it to yourself to check into it.  This is your hometown and just goes to show you that you should be taking care of your OWN BACKYARD before having the audacity to go elsewhere to destroy and bash someone else's backyard.

If you are not a part of the solution, then you are a part of the problem.  I know that this commentary, like the million you no doubt receive, will not inspire you to order the DOJ to ACT.  But I do know one thing is for certain.  I was born near the end of the civil-rights movement and if there was a question as to my parent's rights, then I am certain that I have the full rights and protection of the constitution.  

Mr. Ashcroft this is your HOMETOWN.  With the power of the Internet and the way news travels in the African American community, you should be prepared to respond.  Or hopefully, black voters will respond appropriately in 2004.

To Bill Whitcomb of the Department of Justice.  I hear you are a brotha.  I truly understand that they pay you very well and the benefits (medical, dental) are not worth putting your Blackness on the line.  I am not calling you any names, I am just sincerely considering the struggle that you must face.  But let me pose a question.  Pretend you were off work, wearing sweats, and was found hanging from a radio tower in DOWNTOWN Springfield.  You would just be another Black Man that no one wants to talk about.  Think about it.


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