In Memory of Brother Leonard Gakinya.  A native from Kenya residing in Springfield, Missouri levitating on October 2, 2002 to rest easy with the ancestors.  Age 27.
Web was the first to get the word out about the suspicious hanging death of Leonard Gakinya to the media and the world!  
My brother Leonard, we may have never met in this life but your spirit and mine have touched.  And I hope you know that there are people who want the truth to be known.  Your eternal sista, ~*KENYA*~
The officials are refusing to look at this as a murder.  But how could anyone sit their behind on a tiny bar, 30 feet off the ground, wearing thick, black gloves that are too big for their hands, and tying a noose around their neck and tying it on the bar itself.  Whew!  

They’re selling postcards of the hanging
They’re painting the passports brown
The beauty parlor is filled with sailors
The circus is in town
Here comes the blind commissioner
They’ve got him in a trance
One hand is tied to the tight-rope walker
The other is in his pants
And the riot squad they’re restless
They need somewhere to go
As Lady and I look out tonight
From Desolation Row

—“Desolation Row,” by Bob Dylan

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All a sista is asking, "How many brothas do you know that would commit suicide by lynching?"  Brothas aren't suffering from depression, but instead OPPRESSION.    

Read the first article that circulated regarding the death of Leonard Gakinya. The picture in this article shows rescue workings attempting to reach what you see in the pic below. Hanging Ruled A Suicide 10/02/02  

The above photograph is of Leonard Gakinya's corpse found on October 2, 2002 in Springfield, MO.  Originally, they claimed that the brotha committed suicide.  But there was NO NOTE.  Does it make sense that the brotha climbed a radio tower wearing a pair of new, thick, black gloves?   


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