TO DFS...You have the nerve to come into a home and tell the parents that the dirty clothes on the floor is neglect.  Well, I am looking into your house and I see you have a lot of cleaning up to do.

Child Abuse Laws Are Very Ridiculous

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Woman Charged with Abuse for Sunburned Kids!

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The picture to the right is that of a child who's mother was accused of her children being badly burned while at a fair.  The mother was thrown in jail for 8 days and her picture posted in every newspaper across the country.  They eventually dropped the charges. But now if your child is sunburned, someone might call that child abuse.

Remember the story about the mother who was arrested for abuse for her children who were sunburned?   White parents, take heed...what do you think about this story?  How many of you get sunburns when the temperature is in the '90's?  And someone can look at that and you could wind up in jail for eight days because of a false allegation or assumption.  Nothing had ever happened to her children before...but the abuse charge can happen that swiftly...when you least expect it.  Now the charges have been dropped...but what kind of affect has taken place to the children and to the mother.  An outing at the fair turned into a nightmare.  Did the mandatory reporter who hotlined her get in trouble?  No...because mandatory reporters are covered under a veil of protection called IMMUNITY.  What if it was you and your family...?

Charges dropped against mother whose kids got sunburned


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