"Wash your kids' mouth out with soap if they say a curseword."  That was then.  Today, that's called CHILD ABUSE.
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KenyaSpeaks.com was the first to get the word out about the suspicious hanging death of Leonard Gakinya to the media and the world!  
To the true CHILD ABUSER, I hope that you receive every punishment that can be granted by law!  Our children are our future...and family structure is necessary for their growth and well-being.  If you are hurting kids, your kids, GET HELP!  You have mad issues and you need HELP!     
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Wash Your Kids Mouth Out With Soap!

Woman Charged with Abuse for Sunburned Kids!

I Am Your Enemy


"A child dreams of being the latest superhero.  What could be wrong with that?  Plenty, if the child is Black and can't even imagine a hero the same color he or she is.  It's like this:  children learn by what they see.  And if it weren't for Black media, a Black child wouldn't see the world as it really is...with Black men and women doing positive things besides playing basketball and singing songs.  What can you do to make sure our kids have self pride?  Decide which media shows them Blacks as Blacks really are...(our children) deserve a real picture of you.  Your hopes.  Your problems.  Your needs."

Excerpt from BOCA  The Black Owned Media Communications Alliance

(ELIAN Siezed By The U.S. Government)

Today in America, people of all colors are WAKING UP to the reality that this country is abusing its citizens!  This new level of consciousness is coming during the wake of the current CRISIS ON THE FAMILY.  Children are being kidnapped from their parents and placed in foster care programs at an alarming rate....So while the media has everyone TERRIFIED that a man is lurking around the corner to snatch your child, it's the government who KIDNAPS 3,000 children each day and places them into foster care.  Meanwhile parents are left to suffer and stay up at night unable to sleep & afraid that they might never see their children again.  

White folks who truly bought into the "dream" that their state and federal agencies really cared about them and really VALUED the AMERICAN FAMILY have awakened from the dream to exist in a living NIGHTMARE.   America is now faced with the same struggle that non-white people have faced for CENTURIES  in this country.  

It's sad and true.  It's horrible and frightening and something needs to be done!  The lawmakers need to change the laws.  Quit allowing non-lawyers to interpret the law and ruin lives and families. Realize that the DOLLA BILL is not worth destroying families.  It's EVIL and it's IMMORAL.  

What kind of society are you trying to produce?  A lawless society?  A society that teaches children that they are just loved and cherished today, growing up with inadequate skills to parent or to function as adults, only to wind up realizing that they were being used?  The last I heard, Child Labor Laws was supposed to put an end to all of this...did you forget?

"Parenting" is being taken away from the parents...and we continue to wonder why children are beating adults in Wisconsin, shooting at their schools in Colorado, cursing out their folks, babies having babies.  The current raid on the American Family has not solved any of this...so don't you think we need to look at it again?

We allow more laws to be created...but the problem is that they haven't stopped child abuse, neglect, or endangerment...the real criminals go further underground while parents are being assaulted...

And if you think that it couldn't happen to you because you are a pillar in the community or because you have a cash-flow, think again...money is what supports this beasts. 

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