Every Black child in America should be given a counselor at birth to prepare them for the Slave bomb dropped on them in as early as the 1st grade!  ~*Kenya*~
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Mental and Emotional Abuse of Black Children by the Educational System in the United States of America

Movies that show fantasies or adventures are oftentimes rated 'G,' 'PG-13,' 'R,' etc.  Yet the worst criminal act to have ever occurred in the history of mankind, the Transatlantic Slave Trade, is taught in our  schools without any consideration for the feelings of those innocent boys and girls.  Many parents would not allow their children to watch that type of violence on TV, yet our little children sit there, with no one to comfort them and allow them to cry.  They have to sit there and pretend that it doesn't affect them.

In the 2nd grade, after hearing about slavery, I knew exactly what it meant to be Black in America.  The little blonde girl sitting next to me, also had the same discovery.  She soon learned what it meant to be White in America.

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Black children in Missouri, in fact in the entire United States, have been denied true information relating to their ancestors.  Quite frankly, all children in the public school system have been LIED TO regarding the truth about Africans distributed in America as a product of slavery.

U.S. Department of Education  is not teaching the truth to our children.  Parents are not doing their job either when you rely on the  school's to educate.  THE PARENT IS THE FIRST TEACHER......and your child is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY...If your child does wrong or right, YOU WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE.  And if you believe that you do not want the government interfering in how you raise your child, then YOU NEED TO TEACH YOUR CHILD at home.  It doesn't take or cost much to buy educational workbooks for your child.  There are plenty of children with video games, televisions, and phones in their rooms, so a $3.00 educational workbook can be a wise investment.  And even if you don't know something and your child might be interested in learning...learn it with your child.  Excuses will not create intelligence.  I did not allow the lack of a college education to bar me from picking up books at Barnes and Nobles or the library.  You do not need a degree to continue to learn and if you OPEN YOUR MIND and become an independent thinker, you will become a great resource of knowledge for your child.  And don't be afraid to ask questions!  Teach your child not to be afraid to ask questions.

I asked a little black boy in my neighborhood what he wants to be when he grows up, he responded:  "an NBA playa."   I said, "what if that doesn't happen, then what do you want to do?"  He said, "then I will go play for the NFL."  I said, "then what if that doesn't work then what will you do?"  He shrugged his shoulders and said, "then I guess I will just go and get a job."

Q&A:  Why do you think that so many black boys want to just play sports?  It's because those are the only positive role models that they are allowed to see.  Turn the channels on cable television and you will see only a few images of positive blacks...we know it falls back on the parents but doesn't anyone care enough to request additional information.  

Q&A:  Why do you think that they do not want to become doctors or lawyers?  Because unfortunately, the movies, the educational system, the legal system, etc. does not show black adults in these professions. Parents also are not striving to reach their fullest potential...if anything teach your children about a profession, even if you can't do it...get books on the profession of becoming a doctor, a lawyer, a historian, a coach, a teacher.  Help them understand that learning is an open opportunity for them to succeed and grow...it doesn't mean that they are "locked into" something; it just means that they are not BINDED by ignorance.  Stand up for your family and give the next generation a better start.  NO EXCUSES...

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