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SPEAK to your group regarding child abuse laws, false allegations, administrative law and criminal law and its impact.  

~*Kenya*~ is also available to speak to your group regarding history which can open your eyes to truly discover the meaning of the word DIVERSITY.

MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER: ~*KENYA*~ has overcomed many adversities and let her share her experiences with you! Your audience will leave inspired, amused and ready to take on the challenges that life throws their way.

RESEARCH assistant: ~*KENYA*~ has researched the HOTLINE and the cruel laws that swipe children and reputations.   If you have been FALSELY ACCUSED of child abuse, then you are likely experiencing emotional and financial crisis. This is a difficult time to research when you have obligations to a spouse, family, job, or other area. Let ~*KENYA*~ assist you and your attorney by researching topics that are specific to your case.

ADVOCATE: When your family and friends have turned their backs. When your employer is threatening to FIRE YOU. When you feel as if  you have nowhere else to turn, then ~*KENYA*~ will be there to support you. ~*KENYA*~ will not testify on your behalf nor offer direct "legal" counseling, but will be there when needed.  ~*Kenya*~ is a Director and National Media Contact for AFRA (American Family Rights Association) and can provide knowledge and input to assist you and your family.

If you are interested in donating to help keep this website running, please email me.  This site is NOT-FOR-PROFIT!  But hosting is not  free.  It is my hope to give people hope  that especially during times like these, it is important to stand up and be heard!

Your email is welcomed.  Your thoughts are welcomed.  

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