"States are given sovereign power to abuse families. Administrative law is the "4th" branch of government."  Vocal NY
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Child Abuse Laws and Your Defense!  (for the falsely accused)
The goal of this page is to help anyone who is falsely accused of child abuse. My attorney charged me $2,000.00 to stand next to me while I plead GUILTY to a "lesser charge" of 3rd Degree Misdeamonor Assualt. I never went to trial. The result: I did the time, but because he did not adequately represent me in BOTH the CRIMINAL and the DFS courts, I am now listed "indefinitely" as a child abuser. Check out these resources and make your lawyer work for you!

An administrative hearing is separate from criminal court or juvenile court. You can be substantiated by the agency, but not adjudicated through the court. Or, you could be unsubstantiated by the agency and still be adjudicated through the court.


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Why Most Get "Talked" Into Taking a Plea

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Plea Bargaining and the Criminal Defendant

The criminal justice system depends on the guilty plea or "plea bargain," which accounts for the disposition of nearly 97% of all criminal cases. It doesn't matter whether or not you are guilty or innocent. Noone cares in the court of law. Your guilty plea is a money saver for the courts because it usually takes less than an hour of work for the judge. A trial could take MONTHS.

Don't plead guilty and think that you can come back later to appeal the decision. A guilty plea closes off over ninety percent of your avenues of extraction.

Suzanne Schell has a wonderful article describing her observation of how the judges, the prosecution and your own attorney threaten you into taking a plea bargain.  Read the revealing expose' here.


Promises are meant to be broken.

Social Workers and lawyers regularly LIE. From what once could be attributed to forgetting case details or innocent misspeaks, it appears that lies and broken promises are so widespread.

They lie because they can. "For the sake of the children." The secrecy about case proceedings makes it easy to lie with little risk of being caught. Lies are productive, espcecially in an arena that has little hard evidence and lots of verbal statements.

The best legal defense is long and costly. So help your lawyer and stretch your legal defense dollars by educating yourself.

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