As a child, I recall being told how important it was to learn my home phone number in case of an emergency.  Today, we teach our kids that it is more important to call 9-1-1.  And now parents are the enemy of the state.  ~*Kenya*~
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100 Links for Families and Children

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The Dupuy Case - aired on NBC Dateline - a daycare case - citizens branded by tyrranical social workers
Paul Craig Roberts - the noted conservative journalist rips away the Wenatchee coverup
God makes families - CPS breaks families - your defense against CPS starts right here - be alert - protect your children
More harm than good - CPS Watch compiles a broad array of alarming foster care stats
The County CPS (satirical poem) - pokes fun at 'Childrens Rights' gone too far
New Tyranny - the corruption of the Therapeutic State exposed before the International Community
Child Abuse Information - children’s rights trampled by an unholy alliance of pseudo-experts and phoney do-gooders
Reform the Child Protection system - excess power without accountability. Checks and balances almost totally lacking.
Lost Foster Kids - an epidemic in our midst Excellent source for those who love and pray for "the lost children"
mere families are no match for the new Omnipotent State What chance do honest folk have?
Scholars Call for Reform of CPS System - Libertarian inquiry calls for an end to mandatory "snitch" laws, return to Basics.
Leslie's Story I trusted them. Colorado Mother reveals how she was betrayed by `human services`
Brian and Ruth Christine Oregon tragedy - an ardent God-fearing family is destroyed by the state
The kids aren't alright fine discussion and links from
Families Against Abuse Audrey Serrano and her friends have begun a network that might help
Beware the Child Protectors - The New American (SLC) details frightening operating procedures. (This is not just Utah!)
When CPS comes calling - Pacific Justice Institute helps California home-school parents protect families from CPS
Selling kids, ignoring real sex abuse - CPS wrong at both ends [from NM, street-news, fighting for your rights]
False allegations child sexual abuse - serious investigation into the harm caused by this virtual witch hunt
Fully Informed Grand Jurors - Millstones (GA) author explores the money factor behind child "removals" by the agencies
Ed Devine testimony - Nat'l Coalition of Free Men: citizen takes a stand to bear witness to Texas commissioners
CPS reform - Libertarian scholars lay out a serious problem, then make detailed recommendations
Lest We Forget - Hope 4 Kidz : poignant Wall depicting CPS tyranny [touch it - and pray for these victims]
How CPS Works - reality, not platitudes. They make ruining families easy, and their own budgets mushroom accordingly.
Essay: CPS should be held accountable - the vines forum. Debbi DeSisto relates alarming true experience.
Parent victims of children's protective services - directory compiled by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Restoration of Parents Rights - Coalition battles to expose creeping state paternalism, and advocate for fit families
Personal accounts: child and family abuse by CPS - written testimonials, some twenty five in all (so far)
Therapist complicity in the "kid-stealing" racket - a number of related links on this unholy alliance.
False Allegations - it's been called the Dark Side of Foster Care (what some kids will do to get back to home)
Our Story - children grow up and tell - SOS fosternet presents several true foster survivors' experiences
The Family and the Constitution in "First Things" - David Wagner's excellent, almost philosophical, essay
Multiplying lawsuits California's Foster Care Dilemma : how civil liability complicates the foster industry
Injustice links Lynching & other unwholesome American traditions [medinaerth] racism, oppression, and black culture
Victims and Adults Start Talking Child Abuse Defense Kit :: numerous north American resource addresses
Child Protector Watchdog "out of control but we're watching" (More fine help from Ray Thomas)
Stealing Kids to muzzle parents a case of modern censorship right in America's heartland
False Allegations Barb Johnson's site :: highlights various child custody, divorce, and accusation issues
"Put Children First" author Suzanne Shell is not fooled by the hypocrisy and hype of the publicity "campaign"
Justice for Children and Families Join Hands :: the famous site, how breaking the silence, we can work together for victory
Parents Against Systematic Abuse of Children {PASAC} how the informant-snitch process works :: why it is effective
Adoption 2002 fight for family rights :: NC based, but a contact for petitioning your officials in Washington DC
Can you imagine? Still another instance of CPS excess (Kay Strucking's articulate overview of a national problem)
Psycho Heresy Therapists pretending to be God :: the new idolatry :: if judges worship them who's a lowly citizen to doubt?
Legal Defense - Protecting families across the nation, a new organization, here's their site
TAFA Texans Against False Accusations - if you live in Texas, the information on this site may benefit you much
Feminocracy and child abuse - if she is right, America has got a lot of waking up to do!
CSF Prayer Ministry Intercessory Prayer Requests
The Real Victims Richard Wexler Wounded Innocents - book review. It's well worth looking at
CYS issues Save Your Children - New Jersey based, but excellent site with nationwide applicability
Las Vegas Sun article "Protective Disservices" Clark County's epidemic of (dubious) interventions to save children
And in Canada Injustice Busters Site. These scandals and corruptions are not confined to the states
Out of Control Brenda Scott site :: power without responsibility is ABUSE (Ontario)
Protection or Excess KATHY TAIT article : debate of a critical problem, province of British Columbia
Children's Rights Project ACLU site :: if we can't protect the children, what the hell are we doing?
JoinHands- links, letters Child agencies' hypocrisy (from Join-Hands):: where does the buck stop?
Pacific Justice Institue faith-based group exposes CPS abuses Sacramento California
When parents are victims (North America) Government abusing families, parents, and CHILDREN
falsely accused parents WEB RING - Parenting is not a crime. (let's work together to end this injustice)
Sandy Musser, imprisoned - adoption author, organizer, activist ... see this incredible story of government abuse
THE F.A.C.T.S Al White's site (falsely accused citizens todays society) resources offered for those in trouble
Resist not evil - they acquiesced to the superior Power ... and cried
CCLA (Wenatchee focus) Witch Hunt Directory : excellent outline of the entire horrendous case
Angie's Story Yarwood Family in Washington, a news article in the Seattle metro daily. Shocking.
Government versus parents (spanking) USA Radio Piece: something is overboard here
Canadian Spanking debate Even the mellow Canadians have an intrusive `Big Brother`
Foster Cycling, damaged children Where's the permanence and stability?
The Politics of Children, all over See this potent Baskerville article
Are BOTH sides wrong about Spanking? - rebutting fanatacism whiver side it comes from
The Christines - a victim family in Oregon Let's not give up hope for Brian & Ruth and children
CPS and homeschoolers How predictable that CPS would target them !
Not so bad - Pagan writers try to defend CPS, and minimize its excesses. Lengthy (and probably inaccurate) exculpation.
False Sexual Abuse Claims NY state web site, focus especially on divorce, and on unfair bias against dads
National Outrage (Rodriguez family) - the State of Utah is buying federal dollars with the blood of our children
"Profane Justice" American Family Advocacy website. Fairly comprehensive and definitely helpful
ABUSE EXCUSE get your ex by making up charges. Doesnt truth matter any more? [issues of divorce wars]
Creative Therapeutics Resources by Dr. Gardner, who was one of the early voices raised on behalf of victimized fatherrs
Ed Nichols' book, a veteran social worker, psychotherapist tells how to fight back (assisting the falsely accused nationwide)
F O C A L Jerry Pitts (FL) - "FOCAL stands for children" (false charges hurt everyone) activists for political reform
Children`s Rights Advocacy MI hqtrs - do government agencies benefit the public (and children) or just themselves?
Injustice in America "The INjustice Line" - Stories submitted: many case histories of US injustice at this site.
The truth about CPS (Neal Feldman site) - Oregon activist takes on a corrupt system, defends the vulnerable and exposed
Gone too far (Neal Feldman) Oregon agencies gone amok - Silverstorm documents state abuse in this hard-hitting indictment
Parents' Rights Silverstorm lays out his argument convincingly supportive of the good moms and dads of America
Child Savers Abduct Immigrant Girl - how America's "feminofascists" violated this Greek man's child - now injured for life
Michael Dare Site the biggest, most out of control bureaucracy in the United States - how Dependency Court really works!
Government's Own GAO Audit Huge CPS problems uncovered - their solution: vastly increased budget
Families need Dads, too! - A black conservative speaks from his heartfelt faith about America's fatherhood crisis
Eley family of Indiana Heather tells their story {age 15} ~ isn't it the government that really abuses here?
Kansas CPS Watch exposing SRS [hotline] Another citizen watchdog group (in Kansas) blowing the whistle
Survivors of the System Foster Children United ~ organization website for current and former foster children.
Below the Surface: The Politics of Child Abuse in America [the book] ~ a hard-hitting look at a modern American tragedy
Foster Care ~ these kids are disremembered and unaccounted for ~ here are poignant views from the inside!
Children Who FALSELY Make Abuse Accusations :: site of Nichols Consulting (commercial, but looks good) NY
Victims of Christian Counselling -- Rogers Case :: Steve Rabey exhorts the "helpers" to truly help
Sandy Musser (imprisoned) ~ railroaded for her work trying to reuinite birth children and their mothers
Hear My Voice (advocacy) Protecting Our Nation's Children :: they say they're on the "side" of the child
Why No Due Process ~ Massachusetts DSS :: longtime liberal Politician attacks Social Services corruption and abuse
Paul Craig Roberts ~ distinguished conservative journalist calls for thorough investigation of CPS (December article)
FACTnet Cults and Child Custody - presents some basic legal information (I have not verified this 'FACTnet' group)
Fathers victimized spitefulness and litigation : a rather scholarly analysis of 'Divorce-Related Malicious Mother Syndrome'
Parents' Rights ~ helping fit parents victimized by 'grandparents rights' (Arkansas HQ, but news items nationwide)
KIDS RIGHT to their own parents - nice site with helps on behalf of good (real) families - but I found no links area
The Cornerstone Christian Bible study, links, prayer more
Reuniting fathers with their families - the urgency of putting fathers back in boys' lives (a problem we cannot ignore)
Utah foster care industry National-Outrage article - State buying federal dollar$$ with the blood of Utah's children
CPS Watch - Watching Our Nation's Child Protection Agencies & Workers [Sign Ups, Resources, Links]
Susan's little boy - kidnapped by Missouri child "protectors" - because mother had hard delivery birthing him
Kern County, CA a Christian family's horror - human rights violation, right in Bakersfield area
Mysteries of the Web Dying Male "gods and saviours" - a range of miscellaneous such links
Androphobia (?) hating & fearing boys and men - exposing society's hidden agenda against males
The New Inquisition - a website for those falsely accused of abuse, by a dad - victim in custody dispute
News: Foster abuses bring lawsuits SacBee, California - not exempt from civil liability after all ($3.5 million in 13 months)
Lesbian rape of foster child Hope Robbins case -- if only half true, this is an outrage of incredible horror
American Coalition for Fathers and Children - Kids need both parents - pro parenting, pro family, pro child
Anti- Psych - The New Emperor and his splendid clothes - he exposes religious delusion, but does he delude, too?
Anti-psychiatry Thomas Szasz Exposes Bogus Psych - this new priesthood that lays claim to your soul
Wake UP Oregon; CPS is kidnapping your children - Neal Feldman's editorial article, Salem OR
Government Child Theft - The Christine family (Brian and Ruth) good parents lose kids to Oregon child stealers
McMillan letter - the Dawsons of Texas - Rutherford Institute works to counter the CPS steamroller
Testimony of Terry Dawson - Katy Texas couple tells horrifying tale of agency abuse
From Latah Eagle : CPS Abuse - abuse of power is happening, and it must be exposed
Fishing Attempts by CPS - pressuring children into false "memories"
The family is the fundamental unit of society powerfully written article by Alan Carlson
CPS taking children away Abilene TX : Jason Shepherd essay May 1996 Rutherford Inst.
Millstones: Your child is a government commodity -

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