"States are given sovereign power to abuse families. Administrative law is the "4th" branch of government."  Vocal NY
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Government Abuses Children!
Excerpt taken from DogonVillage:More Child Offenders Land On Prison Hot Seat Though most of the world has done away with the execution of child offenders, and that includes even China which banned such executions in 1997, six countries still legally kill children. It's no surprise that the list includes Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, and Nigeria. They are among the world's worst human rights violators. The surprise is that the U.S. far surpasses them all in executing persons who committed crimes as juveniles.Read entire article



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US Federal Govt. (Health & Human Services) Awards Bonuses to Take Children

Why Most Get "Talked" Into Taking a Plea

Interracial Adoption 

Learn more about the "Color of Law from the FBI's website."

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Black Youth Beaten By Police in California.  But, were they charged with child abuse?  No.    They obviously had care, control, and custody of this child.

Click here to read story of the video taped beating of a teen arrested by Inglewood, California police. (Donovan Jackson...Youth beaten by police in picture above)  Notice how they took a pic on his left side to try to keep you from seeing the BUSTED BLOOD VESSEL in his right eye caused by the abuse from police officers.  Ladies and gentleman, THIS IS NOT AN ISOLATED EVENT!  Black boys, in particular, are abused by authorities all of the time.  It just so happens that someone had a video camera and recorded this incident.  

Were the police HOTLINED for abusing this little boy?

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