I'm telling the TRUTH!  I have been hiding your dirty little lie too long.  Now it's time that everyone knows the truth. 
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Welcome to KenyaSpeaks.  My name is ~*KENYA*~ and I am the abuse poster child.  Like many African American people born in the United States of America, I know what it is like to be called names, to be physically assaulted, to be denied rights and privileges, mentally assaulted, to be traumatized and told that "it was my fault." 

 It's my fault as if I was born to deserve hate all because of the color of my skin.  I am older now...a true QUEEN...a blessing to this earth and I know that my BEAUTIFUL SKIN is what keeps me aging gracefully even when there are times I feel like throwing in the towel.  It's that same beautiful skin that has been the reason for so much abuse...yet I know that it allows me to TAN without the fear of skin cancer and melanin gives me the natural ability to create VITAMIN D!

So I VALIDATE ME...the way I walk, the way I talk, the way I pray, the way I DON'T COMB MY HAIR...and therefore, I do not measure myself to any others standards or expectations.  To stop abuse, you quit taking it from no matter which way it is fired....  AND YOU DOCUMENT.

This is not just a "black" site.

This site is for EVERYONE.  This site is dedicated to healing people from all walks of life.  Once you OPEN YOUR MIND and learn the truth, then all of MY CHILDREN (no matter the age) can heal.  It's time that we as a people, HEAL!  

Children are constantly being told to disrespect their elders, to assert control over their parents with weapons such as "911" and the "HOTLINE."  No wonder so many children are walking around looking like hoochie-mama's, no one hardly blinks an eye these days when a teenager becomes pregnant, kids are shooting up their schools...or their arms...and cussing out their parents.  IT'S INSANE!

For the children of color in this country, few care enough to do anything to help them.  

It's time that I stand up to the people who have taken my parents away from me.  I am now serving notice, I am telling the truth about you.  I don't care how it makes you feel because it's more important about HOW I FEEL.  I am the child.  I deserve to be heard.  So SHUT UP and SIT DOWN and let me tell my story.  You can no longer assault me and say "shhhhh, don't tell no one or you will really get it."

KenyaSpeaks.com was created as a result of maltreatment received by the Missouri Health and Senior Services Department during the summer of 2002.  (I can also say that they were not alone in the abuse that I have dealt with for nearly 10 years)  Credit also goes to the MO Division of Family Services, the Boone County Prosecuting Attorney's office, my lawyer, RUSTY ANTEL, WHO DID NOT KNOW THE LAW, the Columbia Police Department for lying to me, and a host of other "special" entities that combined to attempt to destroy my beautiful spirit.   I was told by the MO Health and Senior Services Department that I am a "threat" to children.  Why?  Because in 1993, I was arrested for spanking a girl in my care with a belt.   She had poured detergent on a two year old Rottweiler who was in a cage.  When I walked into the room, she was very close to opening up the dog's cage.  The dog was not happy to have a 44 gallon bucket of Sam's Club detergent all over him.  Had I been 15 minutes later, the little girl could have been KILLED!  And I would still be UNDER THE JAIL for murder.  The reality is that I was GUILTY for loving a little girl who was Mariah Carey mixed and she was not biologically mine.  The color of my skin came up SEVERAL times in the police report and no mention of the father or the little girl's color appeared.  I was guilty because in 1993, they could not fathom that a Black woman could be called "Mommy" by a white child.

Am I guilty of the crime of child abuse?  I do not believe so.  Especially considering that the father was also arrested.  He was eventually given custody of his daughter in 1996.  The Division of Family Services were not interested in me at all, but in the father.  So they knew that they had the person that they needed.

The fact is that I paid the bills, paid her daycare, picked her up from daycare, read stories to her at night, combed her hair, held her close to my heart when she cried.  But the Division of Family Services quickly reprogrammed her and told her that I was not her "Mommy."  They also corrupted her mind and now she blames me for taking her father away from her.  The last time I saw her was when I spanked her.  I hurt her feelings, not her.  

I was raised with butt-whippings.  Was that abuse?  I don't think so.  My Mother, if anything, prepared me for this rough world.  In fact, you can thank the butt-whipping I received in the 4th grade for my ability to stand up and fight for my life and my name today!

Before it's all said and done, as long as I have to carry the label of CHILD ABUSER, I will make sure that every single child in America knows my name.   I have no choice but to fight the brave fight.  I have no choice to demand justice and a reevaluation of what took place to me.  As long as I carry the scarlet letter, I have to USE THE MATERIAL before anyone uses it against me.  

I would love to be the Woman that is not faced with such a challenge.  But for reasons that only the Most High can understand, this is my struggle.  If I am responsible for a child that they say is not "biologically" mine, then I will continue to hold the state of Missouri responsible for the crimes inflicted upon me and other adults and children who suffer similar atrocities.

So Missouri, let's reason.  Me and one child or you and thousands of children and adults?  As long as you point the finger at me, I will be pointing my finger right back.

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